Skincare tips when working out!!

Skincare tips when working out!!

You might not think that skincare has much to do with exercise, but the two go hand in hand. we believe that looking good comes with living well, which includes having a healthy mind and body. On the whole, exercise is great for our physical wellbeing and fitness levels, as well as the appearance of our skin as your heart rate increases and the blood starts pumping round your body. You know that post-exercise glow people talk about? It’s real, and is just one reason why getting active either indoors or outside is so good for us. 

So if you’re into looking after yourself, how do you also look after your skin when you exercise? From post-run hygiene to the best ingredients for cooling the skin,


Then there’s the inevitability of touching your face, potentially spreading germs and bacteria (and maybe other people’s sweat) onto your own skin and into your pores. (If you think you don’t touch your face, you’re probably wrong. It’s been said that the average person touches their face between 2,000 and 3,000 times a day  Other factors, like your own hair and even your towel choice, can affect whether you experience breakouts or dryness.

We’re not saying going to the gym will destroy your skin or that you should avoid it. But there are a few things to keep in mind if you love getting your regular sweat sessions in but also want to keep your complexion clear and healthy. 


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